The Street in Our School – March 2023

Tuesday 21st March 2023 was a very busy day for the Pre-Grade, Grade 1 and Grade 2 classes as they were engaged in various activities related to road safety. The educators prepared various stations related to this topic. The girls had crafts, cooking session, a robotic activity using Sphero, a memory game and a free play station using vehicles. They also watched an educational video about road safety. Another station was led by LESA officials Annabelle, Omar, Pierre and Eric, led by Mr Joseph Zerafa. They prepared an educational activity with the girls where they explained the work they carry out and also about the importance of obeying traffic rules. The girls also had the opportunity to ride the battery-operated bikes which the LESA provided for this activity.

This event complements the work carried out by the EkoSkola committee. This year the committee is working on the theme of sustainable mobility. Well done to Ms Renette Magro, Ms Charlotte Zammit, Ms Stephanie Saliba, Ms Bernardette Mercieca, Ms Donna Muscat, Ms Rebecca Cassar, Ms Katia Camilleri and Ms Clare Meilak for preparing all the activities for the different stations. Special thanks to LESA for providing our students with a fun-filled educational experience and Mr Pierre Vella for coordinating the activity led by LESA officials. Thanks also to Ms Alexia Brincau, one of the Assistant Heads, who coordinated all the activities prepared on this day, and to the ancillary staff for helping out in the preparation of this activity to make this day a memorable one.