School Regulations

 September 2016

School Regulations

Dear Parents/Guardians,

With the start of a new scholastic year, we are distributing a copy of the revised School Regulations. It is of utmost importance that all parents, guardians and pupils are aware of these regulations and they should be adhered to. Pupils should keep a copy of these regulations in their personal diary.

All classrooms, including laboratories, are the students’ place of work. Girls should have in their satchels only what is required for the day’s lessons or activities.
Students should enter classrooms in an orderly manner and go straight to their places. They should take off and put away any outdoor wear, not leaving any clothing on desks. All that is required for the first four lessons should be taken out from their lockers. At the end of the break girls are expected to take out textbooks and any necessary items for the last four lessons.
Girls are reminded that the bells are a signal for teachers and should not begin to pack away or put on outdoor wear until the teacher tells them to do so. Chairs must be placed on the respective tables and all litter must be picked up. The school premises should be left in order. At the end of the school day girls will be accompanied to the school exit doors by their respective teachers and LSAs.
A.   Eating, drinking and chewing are NOT allowed in class. (Drinking, especially on hot days, is left to the teachers’ discretion. However, bottles of water can only be bought during break time. During lessons these should not be left on the girls’ desks).

B.   Only bread, fruit, vegetables, cereal bars, plain and fruit yoghurt together with mineral water are accepted as any other kind of sweets or drinks will be confiscated.

C.   Mobile phones or other distractions, such as posters and stickers are not allowed in school and will be confiscated.

D.   Only school diaries are allowed at school. No other diaries are allowed.

E.    As advised by the Education Directorate and the Division of Health, school bags should not be on wheels.

F.    Birthday cakes should be plain without any jam or cream. MESSY CAKES WILL BE SENT BACK HOME.

G.   Teachers and members of staff will ONLY distribute any party invitations when ALL the girls in the class are invited.

H.   Good behaviour is expected at all times at school. Misbehaviour by students in corridors and stairs as they make their way to class is strictly prohibited.

I.       When lessons are held in the I.T. lab, girls are only expected to browse those internet sites suggested by their teachers.

J.      As per the Data Protection Act, teachers’ and children’s addresses and telephone numbers are confidential therefore the school is unable to give this information.



A. Rudeness, disrespect, abusive language or insolence will not be tolerated.

B. Any justifiable request from a teacher should be obeyed.

C. Any kind of bullying, physical or psychological, is prohibited and drastic measures will be taken to eradicate such behaviour.

D. Girls from grade 4 upwards may be kept in detention between 1:30pm and 3:30 p.m.

E. Girls who repeatedly arrive late in the morning and without a valid reason will also be kept after school.


 4. School UNIFORM
Parents, guardians and students are reminded to respect the official school uniform which includes –

  • School blouse and tie;
  • School cardigan;
  • School tracksuit;
  • Navy blue blazer;
  • Navy Blue Thick Winter Jacket
  • Tights or school ankle socks;
  • Navy blue school shoes;
  • Hair accessories should be navy blue or covered in school fabric;
  • Long hair should be tied back neatly such as in plaits, bunches etc;
  • Short hair should be kept off the face by means of a band or navy blue hair clips;
  • Earrings should only be small plain studs, no loops;
  • No multiple earrings or other body piercing is allowed;
  • No jewellery is allowed;
  • Fingernails should be kept short and clean;
  • No nail polish is allowed;
  • No perfume or any other make-up is allowed;
  • On the days of PE lessons pupils are to wear: green polo shirt (white turtleneck in winter); school shorts, tracksuit, white running shoes, school blue socks;
  • Please note that: every item such as ties, tracksuit (trousers and jacket), running shoes etc. should be clearly marked with full name and surname. Lunch boxes and water bottles should also be labelled.
  • Cardigans, blazers and pinnies should have a loop so that they can be hung in the classroom.
Cultural activities are considered an extension of what takes place in the classroom and therefore they are a means of achieving the school’s educational aims. All students are expected to attend these outings. During these outings all students are to come in full uniform or full PE wear as required. Students are always to be on their best behaviour.
Students are expected to do their best during examinations. Copying is strictly prohibited and shall therefore be penalized by a reduction in the final mark. Children who are sick during the half-yearly or yearly exams cannot sit for the exams on another day.  However in such a case, a copy of the exam papers can be provided to the parents at the end of the exam session, to be worked out by the girls at home.
7. Other information FOR PARENTS
A.   When a girl does not attend school, parents are to inform the school by phoning up early in the morning.

B.   A medical certificate is required for three days of absence. No medical certificate is needed for Pre-Grade Class

C.   When girls are absent for one to two days, parents are obliged to fill and hand in the official school absentee note form. This can be downloaded through the office 365 system.

 D.   For the child’s sake and that of everyone concerned, no girl is to be sent to school when she is not well.

E.    Collecting Girls at the End of the School Day – Parents are not allowed to collect girls through the main door, (Mater Boni Consilii Street) except on very rare occasions and when they have been given permission to take their daughter home early. When a girl needs to leave school early, parents have to inform the school either by sending a note or by phoning as early as possible, before 12:30 p.m. stating the time and by whom she will be collected.

F.    Parents are expected to show respect to all staff members working in the school. Parents are to avoid talking to teachers outside the school, before or after school hours without an appointment. No parents are allowed to enter the school premises. Parents may discuss any complaints with the Head of School.

G.   When parents and guardians need to visit the school they are also expected to respect the school dress code. Parents and guardians have to keep in mind that Mater Boni Consilii – St Joseph Paola is a Church school with its own tradition.

H.   When girls are absent, their parents and guardians can ask to be given or to collect the daily HW at the end of the school day between 1.45p.m and 2.30p.m.  However H.W is not to be sent to school when girls are still absent.


8. Office 365 system

A. The Office 365 system is a means of communication between the school and home. Girls and parents/guardians should refrain from using such system to form chat rooms or groups.



It is of utmost importance that all parents, guardians and pupils are aware of these regulations and as a school we expect your full collaboration. However, if disrespect towards the above mentioned rules persist and policies are constantly ignored, the Head of School will have to take the appropriate measures. I am sure that as a school we can count on your understanding and cooperation as this will help us to create a healthy school environment whilst empowering our children to develop their full potential as human beings.

School Regulations Form.

To be completed and returned on the first day of school –

September 2016

Dear Head of School,

I/We ___________________________ parents/guardians of __________________ in ____________ confirm that I/we have read the school regulations and am/are aware of the school policies.


Best Regards,


Parents’/ Guardians’ Signature.


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