Empowering Students

EkoSkola Green Flag Award Ceremony – November 2023

EkoSkola Green Flag Award Ceremony - November 2023
On Monday 13th November 2023, representatives of the EkoSkola committee attended the Green Flag award ceremony. Last scholastic year, our school was awarded the Green Flag, for the ninth time, for...
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Visit to School by Estonian Educators  – October 2023

Visit to School by Estonian Educators  - October 2023
On Tuesday 24th October 2023, a group of Estonian educators visited our school. Ms Krista Uibu, Aigi Kikkas, Kaire Jõgi, Katrin Saluvee and Lehte Tuuling, from the University of Tartu, had an...
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Mater Boni Consilii St Joseph School Awarded the Green Flag for the Ninth Consecutive Time – June 2023

Mater Boni Consilii St Joseph School Awarded the Green Flag for the Ninth Consecutive Time - June 2023
Our school is proud to announce that it has been awarded the prestigious Green Flag Award for the ninth consecutive time. Our school was the first one in Malta to achieve the Green Flag award, so...
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YRE Entries – March 2023

YRE Entries - March 2023
The Senior 2 students have worked on the Young Reporters for the Environment (YRE) projects for this scholastic year. Thanks to Ms Julie Tabone Valetta, the English teacher, who coordinated the work,...
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Presentation of LEAF Awards – January 2023

Presentation of LEAF Awards - January 2023
Our school has been awarded the Learning about Forests (L.E.A.F.) award for the sixth time for the work carried out during the last scholastic year. On Tuesday 17th January 2023, Ms Alexia Brincau,...
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Eco Code Presentation of Certificates – January 2023

Eco Code Presentation of Certificates - January 2023
The Eko Skola committee recently held the Eco Code competition to choose the Code which will represent the goals on which the school is focusing this scholastic year. Several girls participated in...
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Presentation of Dinja Waħda Gold Award  – November 2022

Presentation of Dinja Waħda Gold Award  - November 2022
On Thursday 24th November 2022, our school was presented with the Dinja Waħda Gold Award. Ms Lycia Bezzina, the Dinja Waħda coordinator, together with Skye Bonello and Anthea Manara of Grade 4,...
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Litterless Campaign Launch – October 2022

Litterless Campaign Launch - October 2022
On Thursday 27th October 2022, the Grade 6 and Senior 1 girls from the Eko Skola Committee attended the Litterless Campaign launch which was held at Golden Bay. This activity was organised by Nature...
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Presentation by Eko Skola Members – October 2022

Presentation by Eko Skola Members - October 2022
On Tuesday 4th October 2022, members of the Eko Skola committee delivered a presentation during the assembly. Julie Rose Attard and Kate Falzon spoke about their experience of measuring surface...
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CIRCLE Award for Solidarity – June 2022

CIRCLE Award for Solidarity - June 2022
On Thursday 16th June 2022, Yasmine Camilleri of Senior 2, was given an award for the most outstanding student. She was awarded for her exemplary behaviour, for taking extra care of things at school...
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