Session on Artificial Intelligence for Senior 1 Class  – January 2024

On the 23rd of January the Senior 1 class had the opportunity to familiarise themselves with Artificial Intelligence (AI). The session was led by Dr Saleem Qureshi, Co-Founder of Lincoln Method, Finland, and Dr Zubair Anwar Bawany, from SDG Me. Dr Qureshi showed a video to the girls where robots with Artificial Intelligence are doing daily chores such as doing the bed, laundry, and the dishes. Having AI doing daily chores would allow us to have more free time to spend on our hobbies or things we loves the most. Dr Qureshi also highlighted the fact that AI would keep a record of everything that is being said and done at home. Following the video, the girls did a survey about AI and their personal perception to collect data so that AI is more tailor-made to satisfy the clients’ wants and wishes. In the second part of the session, the students created a video and a song by just using prompts; the more detailed a prompt is, the better for the AI to create the best possible outcome. The concept of AI was introduced in Finnish schools by Lincoln Method. It was a very interesting experience and very positive for our students. During this week, Dr Qureshi and Dr Bawany will be continuing with their pilot project in Malta and sessions will be held in an independent school and in state schools.