Mater Boni Consilii St Joseph Paola makes use of the Finnish educational programme Mightifier 2022

As of last year, our school embarked on a new project of introducing Mightifier, a Finnish education programme, designed for the well-being of students. After obtaining the necessary training, Ms. Elaine Azzopardi, one of our educators has been, for the past year, using Mightifier during her mindfulness sessions after school. Thanks to her, this project has now been enrolled even during school hours by Ms. Mary Grace Grech.

Mightifier is a social-emotional learning (SEL) and character development programme aimed at enhancing self-esteem and self-awareness, improving growth mindset, reducing anxiety, bullying and isolation and supporting student success. It is based on positive psychology and character strengths, built by a multi-disciplinary team of classroom teachers, psychologists, and experts in positive pedagogy. Mater Boni Consilli, St Joseph School has invested in a pilot project to introduce it for the time being in Years 4 and 5 by primarily making use of Strength cards. These strength cards, 27 in all, help to explain character strengths in children’s language. Two characters, the Mighty Bear and the Bird, help children understand what each character strength is all about. The lesson plans with age suitable content and visuals encourage and motivate all to participate in the classroom. There are three online applications (Well-being Pulse, Sociogram and Strengths) which the students can from time to time fill out online which help teachers gauge where the students are at in terms of emotional and social well-being. These applications are already being used during the mindfulness sessions after school hours and we as a school, intend to enrol them even during school hours.

From our own experience, Mightifier has been so far a fantastic tool to help engage children during lessons, participate and express their feelings since they can easily relate to the stories portrayed in the strength cards and lesson plans.