Grade 6 – 2nd water colour workshop – March 2016

On the 16th of March 2016, grade 6 students had their 2nd water colour workshop related to Edaav’s Imagine Water Project; this was delivered by local artist Mr. Luca Cauchi who explained clearly at the beginning of the workshop what the students needed to do and then they were left free to express themselves and their feelings related to water.


G6Colouring2016002 G6Colouring2016008 G6Colouring2016007 G6Colouring2016001 G6Colouring2016006 G6Colouring2016005 G6Colouring2016004 G6Colouring2016003 Mater Boni Consilii - Workshop 3 Collage Mater Boni Consilii - Workshop 2Collage