FEE Fest -March 2023

FEE Fest


Last week, the Grade 4 and Grade 6 EkoSkola committee members, Skye Bonello, Anthea Manara, Julia Rose Attard, and Kate Falzon, attended the FEE Fest held at St Ignatius College, Żebbuġ Primary school. There were a lot of stations which represented different organisation. We learnt a lot about sustainable mobility, which is the theme on which our school is focusing this scholastic year. We also learnt more about the work carried out by EkoSkola schools in Malta. We learnt that it’s better to use cotton bags instead of plastic bags because we can use them again. There was an information stand about sharks and we also saw shark’s skin and a shark’s teeth fossil. We also played a memory game about birds which was organised by BirdLife. We heard a story about an unfortunate tortoise, and we learnt not to throw litter in the sea or ocean. Our favourite activity was the Virtual Reality stand. We could see a video about life under the sea, and also divers swimming, by using a headset. We thank Ms Cristina Spiteri, for accompanying us on this educational outing.


                                                                    Written by Skye Bonello and Anthea Manara, Grade 4