Dawra Durella….. Kreattiv Project Grade 4 and Grade 5 – March 2018

Dawra Durella Max-xemx, Il–pjaneti, u s- Sistema Solari kollha is the title of a Kreattiv Project that was launched in October 2017 after having been awarded Kreattiv Project Funds by the Malta Cultural Council.  The project came first of 34 other projects that were presented for funding. It is a joint collaboration between the school –Mater Boni Consilii School Paola and Dr. Patrick Camilleri from the Department for Leadership Learning and Innovation, Faculty of Education at the University of Malta.

The project is directed towards the use of Robotics and Lego equipment for learning about space and the solar system.  The Grade 4 and Grade 5 are learning about the solar system through a cross curriculum approach, merging together science and technology, art, history of science and religion.  The students are using LEGO to build storylines for sequential and computational thinking as well as drawing and painting to enrich these storylines.

The week starting Monday 12 th March 2018 – the Grade 4 and Grade 5 participated in Art and Lego Building Workshops led by Ms. Vassallo La Rosa and their respective class teachers Ms. Sara and Ms. Francesca respectively.