Ziguzajg Activities – Grade 2 – November 2017

On Tuesday 21st November, the grade 2’s had an outing with a difference. They joined the Ziguzajg activities in Valletta. The students and their teachers travelled to Valletta by ferry. The girls were very excited and really enjoyed the trip. When they got to the harbour they crossed the road and went in the lift where they enjoyed seeing the beautiful view of the harbour. The girls ate their lunch at the Upper Barrakka. Then walked into Valletta.


On their way they stopped at St George’s square and took part in the wishing thread activity. The girls hung their tags with their wishes written on them.


After the students and their teachers participated in a workshop called Sound play. Through this session, the girls learnt that sharing is very important. They also had an interesting hands on activity where they made musical sounds out of fruit and vegetables… with a little bit of magic!