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  • sarah bugeja form 2

    this update to the school website is amazing

  • Chloe Azzopardi

    Dear Mr.Vella,
    I love the school and Ms. Ruth. I love you as our Head Master. Thank you for all the work you do in your office to help us. You are always in my prayers. May God bless you.
    Best Regards,
    Chloe Azzopardi.

  • Paula Scerri

    Dear Mr .Vella and staff I love this school because there I learn and play. P.E. is one of my favourite subjects.My favourite subject is Maths. May God bless you .Love you all. Paula Scerri

  • Jadeah Muscat

    Happy New Year to all the staff and all the students !!! Xxx jadeah

  • Guest

    Happy New Year 2015!! :))xxx

  • Jasmine

    Woww , wanted to visit my ex’s school website , the update is amazing loved it 🙂 well done xx

  • Emily

    My ex School

  • Cristina Azzopardi

    Dear Dr.Vella. ,
    Thank you for all the new activities you are organising this year. A special thanks to our teachers, staff and the girls for participating.
    Regards Chloe Azzopardi.

  • Africa

    Hello to everyone !

    First at all I’d like introduce myself.
    I am África, I am study to be a teacher in Spain and I decided to do my practice period in this school.

    I am enjoying every day with the students, I am learning a lot with the teachers. I try to teach her as well as can do it.

    Although sometimes we can’t understand between us, because unfortunately my english level is not so high, that is not a problem to me because I try again until we can communicate.

    In MBC School I have developed a lot of knowledge to be able to use in a future, I am really glad about it.

    I only can say THANKS, THANK YOU SO MUCH for giving me that awesome experience.

    Hopefully see you another time!

    África Fdez.Herranz