Turtle Release – November 2018

On Tuesday the 13th of November Nature Trust Malta hosted the release of 3 logger-head turtles at Gnejna Bay.  These turtles were injured by boat propellers, had ingested plastics and fishing hooks and were in a precarious situation; luckily Nature Trust managed to cure them after several months and today it was time for them to be released back to their habitat.  On this occasion, 3 girls from Senior 1 and 2 girls from Senior 2 which are Eko Skola committee members, participated in some workshops apart from watching the turtle release.  Thanks to YRE and the Litter Less Campaign, several speakers from ERA, NGO Zibel and Wasteserv amongst others, gave the students a general overview about the turtle release and what could be done to prevent damage being done to other turtles.