The Way of the Cross 2024

On Thursday 21st March 2024, the school organised the Way of the Cross as part of the activities organised for the Lent season. The girls participated actively in the school yard together with the staff members who reflected on the 15 Stations. Representatives from each class carried placards bearing the Stations, and students and staff members read reflections for each Station. The activity was animated by Ms Elisa Saliba. Music was led by Ms Mary Grace Grech, the Music teacher, with the help of Ms Cristina Spiteri. Ms Mary Grace directed the girls during the songs sung after each Station. At the end of the activity, Fr Leonard, the school chaplain, invited the girls to reflect on the prayers recited during the activity and invited them to participate in the liturgical activities which take place during the Holy Week. Thanks to the Pastoral Care Team for the organisation of the activity.