The Importance of Languages – Senior 2 Talk – April 2019

On Monday 1st April 2019, Dr. Claire Debono and Dr. Rashida Sheikh, two lawyer linguists with the Maltese Language Unit at the Court Justice paid a visit to the school to speak to the girls about the importance of languages. The guest speakers encouraged the students to think about opting to study languages further, and they outlined how useful studying languages can be should they decide to study or live somewhere abroad, or if they travel to a foreign country for leisure purposes.

Dr. Claire and Dr. Rashida emphasised the importance of being competent to communicate in different languages, considering that in some places, certain natives would not know how to speak in English. The speakers then spoke about where they are living now and where they resided in the past, so that everyone would gain more information concerning Luxembourg, Belgium, Paris and so on.

Finally, the lawyer linguists, asked the Senior 2 students various questions in the form of a quiz to gain some insight as to what the girls know with regards to bordering countries, capital cities, nationalities and other facts that are linked to the main languages in our continent and the European Union. The winners obtained a card game at the very end and were encouraged to continue showing interest towards a variety of foreign languages, such as French, Italian, German.