SuperTmatik Activity – Senior 2 – June 2019

During the third term, a group of students from the Senior classes took part in a Mental Maths Competition known as the SuperTmatik Challenge. We have been participating in this international competition for the last 4 years.

Rather than a competition, it is more of an educational game based on a pack of cards which combines mental stimulation and fun to develop skills in the four basic maths operations.

After a number of elimination rounds during an in-school competition, the finalists who represented our school this year were Maya Demanuele, Jayelle Galea and Mattea Galea from Senior 2; Iona Bonnici, Julia Bonnici and Redoney Schembri from Senior 1. 

One of the girls placed 59th from 35,000 participants worldwide. Special thanks goes to Ms Marica Grieco Falanga for preparing the girls for this competition.