Seppo Activity – Grade 2 – October 2018

Last Wednesday 31st October 2018 the Grade 2 class at St Joseph, Mater Boni Consilii, Paola, took part in a fun and engaging Seppo activity created by their class Teacher Ms. Stephanie Saliba. Seppo is a new tool that can be used to create engaging and interactive educational games where students are encouraged to move about in a team and make use technology to carry out various tasks and Ms. Stephanie first attended training regarding the use of this tool in Finland last August.
The aim of the activity created was to get to know the school better by exploring the corridors of the school, get to know different members of staff and their various roles. The students each used the tablet to check out the tasks and to input the information they collected. This method encouraged more learning as students tend to learn more from teamwork and fun activities since they will be more motivated to learn.
Some of the tasks that the students were involved in were to choose from a checklist, take photos of various places around the school, record themselves, interview some members of the staff, solve problems and match the teachers to the subjects they teach. Besides learning about the school, the students also had an opportunity to learn communication skills by asking questions to adults, to be more confident within and around the school as well as learning about different professions and their roles just to mention a few.