Senior 1 Science Projects – May 2022

As part of the Earth Day activities held on Wednesday 11th May 2022, the Senior 1 students, guided by Ms Madeleine Agius Carbonaro, the Science teacher, built an Energy Saving House of their own design using items destined for the trash bin. The students had to plan their designs in the weeks beforehand and submit a sketch as well as a list of the energy saving features they were including in their house. They also had to list the materials they would be using and explain their choices. The students included energy saving features such as wall and roof insulation, position and aspect of the house, skylights, energy saving appliances and lights, double glazing or tinted windows adorned with curtains and solar films, and soft furnishings that would create a comfortable interior temperature and thus reduce the need to heat up or cool the home. Some students went even further and included ways to grow their own food in the house, thereby reducing the energy needs required to transport the food from shops, and ways how to deal with rubbish and also to generate electricity using wind turbines of solar energy. The students emphasized the fact that a reduction in energy needs reduces pollution.

Well done to all the girls for their great work.  The future of our planet seems to be in good hands! Thanks to Ms. Madeleine for coordinating this project.