Pre-Grade Dinja Wahda activity: F-Ant-astic – February 2022

The Pre-Grade girls recently completed the Dinja Waħda activity, F-ant-astic. They discussed ants, and then read the story Ants in a Row. After the story, story cards were used to create a sequence of the story.

On 4th February 2022, the class went on an outing and part of the field work consisted of observing ants using magnifying glasses. Later, the girls cut and pasted small pieces of brown paper to decorate their ant masks which they used for role play. The activities were carried out with the help of Ms Renette Magro and Ms Rebecca Cassar. Thanks to Ms Lycia Bezzina, the Dinja Waħda school coordinator, for coordinating all the Dinja Waħda activities which are carried out at school during this scholastic year.