Prayer Spaces Session for Grade 3 – March 2023

On Friday 24th March 2023, the Grade 3 had a cross-curricular activity where they started with a Religion lesson in the chapel with some quiet and personal time with God. While in the chapel, they did an activity called Photo Language. The girls were quickly grouped and given a picture to discuss. They had to come up with an answer to what God is trying to say to them through the picture. They also had to come up with a prayer/prayers inspired by the picture. The girls then had time to discuss as a group and elaborate on each others’ pictures. When the girls returned to class, they started their English writing lessons by discussing different forms of prayers, including prayers of thanks. Then, as a writing activity, the girls wrote down 10 prayers on lollipop sticks.  

During the Craft lesson, the class concluded the activity by decorating recycled jars to create their own prayer jar. During the remaining days of lent, the girls will select one prayer out of their jar and use it as their intention for the day.