Outing targeted for the acquisition of the French language – April 2018

On Monday 30th April, three students from Grade 6 and eight Senior 1 pupils who study French went to the University of Malta, while being accompanied by Ms Elisa, to be exposed to language games which aided them to understand certain concepts in a more holistic manner. In fact, the young learners continued to learn more numbers and colours in French. Moreover, they got to know the names in French of a few clothes, together with the names of certain French celebrities, some of whom are young whilst others are older. The girls were given goodies to take with them at home, such as typical French biscuits and crêpe mix. Finally, they were donated certificates; Redoney Schembri and Keyne Ann Mascari came first and third respectively for having created the best charts with regards to a French musician and Mireille Avellino came third for having used the best materials for her chart.


The girls really enjoyed themselves since it was a unique experience for them and they became aware that the French language is crucial for diverse purposes. It was good to be present in this place, together with other children from different schools, and even though it was a holiday for the girls attending the St Joseph schools, the mentioned students desired to go on this outing just the same to increase their awareness of the French language.