Nomination for Worker of the Year Award 2017

A well-deserved congratulations go to Dr.  Kenneth Vella for coming up as one of the three finalists for the Worker of The Year Award.  The ceremony for the awards took place on Wednesday 6th December 2017 at the Xara Lodge Rabat.  The award is an annual event and it is organised by the Ministry of European Affairs and Equality.  The nominees would have been nominated by their peers for distinguishing themselves through their hard work and for bringing about changes to the benefit of their colleagues and to the community.  Dr.  Kenneth Vella, Headmaster of Mater Boni Consilii St.  Joseph School Paola was nominated for the Manager of the Year award on the initiative of Mr.  Charles Micallef and Mrs. Tania Micallef, parents of Angela Micallef   who is a student in grade 4, assisted by Ms. R.  Mansueto Assistant Head with the support of the staff and parents.  Special thanks goes to Mr.  Charles Micallef for his interest and for taking up the initiative and following it up to show appreciation for the hard work and commitment of Dr.  Kenneth Vella who is truly a role model in the field of education, who has worked extremely hard at implementing innovative ideas.  During the last 5 years as a Head of School he has worked incessantly at improving on the educational experience of the students and teachers as well as bringing change and giving back to the community he works in, through the various projects that were undertaken.