MEUSAC Climate Change Seminar – Eko Skola – Oct 2015

On Wednesday the 28th of October some of the senior Eko-Skola committee members were accompanied by Ms. Cristina to the MEUSAC Young People’s Summit on Climate Change.  During this event, green-flag schools had to present different aspects and impacts of Climate Change on our quality of life; our school, represented by the Eko-skola president Martina Cassar discussed ‘The Increased risks of drought, fire and floods’.  After this Round Table student-presentations there was an open-floor discussion where students had to provide solutions to the impacts; all the solutions recorded where then passed on to the Hon. Minster Leo Brincat and Prof. Simone Borg who were attentively listening to what the students suggested, and promised that their solutions will be passed on to the concerned authorities and stake holders.  Our students had a pleasant overall experience as they felt that their intervention and participation was really appreciated and will be actively implemented.

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