Mental Maths Competition 2015-2016

On WedneMentMaths2016003sday 6th April, a group of students from the Senior classes took part in a Mental Maths Competition known as the SuperTmatik Challenge. This challenge is held on an international basis – and rather than a competition, it is more of an educational game based on a packof cards which combines mental stimulation and fun to develop skills in the four basic maths operations.

The participants had various training sessions during different lessons in the last months prior to the competition. After a good number of elimination rounds, the winner and runner-up for Category 6 were Emily DeBrincat and Sabine Darmanin, and those for Category 7 were Maria Fenech and Thea Marie Zerafa.

MentMaths2016004These four girls are to represent the school in what is known as the Grand Online Final in the coming months; in which they have to compete against students in their same category from all over the world.


Click on this link to view snapshots of the competition:

MentMaths2016001 MentMaths2016002