MCAST Boot Camp – Senior 2 – April 2018

On Wednesday the 11th of April 2018 Ms. Ben and Ms. Cristina accompanied the Senior 2 students to MCAST for a unique experience!   Though nowadays, ICT and Computing are increasing in popularity, the demand among girls is still very limited.  Thus, our girls had the opportunity to familiarize and learn how to create a web page from one of the lecturers at MCAST, Mr. Silvio Nocilla with the help of his students who were constantly helping out and answering to any queries and difficulties.  During this one-day workshop the girls had the opportunity to edit and alter the coding of a web page through HTML 5 and CSS and could also see the outcome of the changes.   They also added videos and changed pictures and the background colours of a web page.  It was truly a pleasant and engaging experience for the students of Mater Boni Consilii St.  Joseph Paola.