Interactive Maths Lesson for Grade 5 Class – April 2022

Interactive Maths Lesson for Grade 5 Class

On Friday 29th April 2022, the Grade 5 girls participated in a mental maths online escape room, an activity which was prepared by Ms. Lucia Alcahut, a Spanish student-teacher conducting an internship at our school. This activity forms part of her dissertation coursework. Ms Alcahut prepared a set of tasks based on questions set by Ms. Nicole Inguanez, the Grade 5 class teacher and the girls had to move from one virtual room to another by solving the maths question. They also got to look for clues around the school based on the riddles that were hidden in the escape room with the help of Ms. Nicole and Ms. Christine Mallia. The girls really enjoyed this interactive and innovative session. Well done to Ms. Lucia for preparing the lesson.