Grade 6 Science Project

Grade 6 students worked hard to make these ‘shoe-box’ ecosystems for a science project. They had to research and learn the actual names of the species typical of the ecosystem they chose for their project, write a description about it and also think of the food chains found in these ecosystems. The students drew the pictures of the animals and plants and used recycled materials to make a 3-dimensional model in a shoebox. Local and foreign ecosystems were studied, including: Ramla l-Ħamra Sand dunes, Filfla, Mediterranean Woodland and Garigue, Cliff habitats, Mediterranean Sea, Amazon and Borneo rainforests, Temperate forests, African Savannah, Hot Desert, Polar Ice Caps, Galapagos Islands coastal habitats, Australian Outback and ocean ecosystems. In the forthcoming lessons, they will be using their models to think about and discuss the environmental threats that may harm these ecosystems and also research ways to conserve them.