Grade 3 Tablet Pilot Project – 2015

Once Upon a Tablet…..

The following photos are a portfolio of all the activities that we have been up to in Grade 3 over the last term special focus was given to our Tablet Pilot Project.   This has been a great experience for all involved- students and teachers alike. Our activities included writing lessons- research projects and much more.

We also had many guests visiting our class including a number of teachers participating in the 14 th Writing Institute from the Malta Writing Programme on the 6th March 2015. Sixteen teachers from different schools in Malta came to see visit us in our class using our Tablets for pre- writing and publishing our writing.

On the 20th March 2015 we also had a very lively video conference where we shared work with another school in the Pilot Project.  Assisting in this project we had Ms. Rosalie from the E- learning

Department. Thanks goes to all involved to make these opportunities possible! More importantly – Well done girls – you should be proud as you have worked extremely hard.

Ms. Ruth


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