Grade 2 First Holy Communion Celebration – June 2023

Thursday 15th June 2023 was a special day for the Grade 2 girls as, during the evening, they celebrated their First Holy Communion at Christ the King Basilica. The celebration was led by Fr Leonard Mintoff, the school chaplain. Holy Mass was animated by the girls and music was directed by Ms Mary Grace Grech, the Music teacher. After the ceremony, the girls had a procession to school where parents and students were invited to a reception to celebrate this special day. During the reception, Dr Kenneth Vella, Ms Alexia Brincau, Assistant Head, and the Grade 2 teachers presented each girl with gifts.  


Well done to Ms Stephanie Saliba, the class teacher, Ms Katia Camilleri and Ms Clare Meilak who had been preparing the girls for this activity for several weeks.