Fieldwork for Senior Classes – April 2023

On Thursday 20th and Friday 21st April 2023, the Senior 1 and Senior 2 students carried out the Science, Geography and History fieldwork at the cave complex known as ‘L-Għar il-Kbir’ and the Clapham Junction cart ruts in the limits of Dingli.

The students learnt about our natural and historical heritage. They studied the different habitats by observing and carrying out quadrat sampling and line transects. They also took measurements of the cart ruts and, also, noted many interesting features inside the caves.

The girls showed great enthusiasm and it was interesting to hear the girls’ theories about the purpose of the mysterious cart ruts. The activity was organised by Ms Madeleine Agius Carbonaro, the Science teacher, and Ms Lycia Bezzina, the Geography and History teacher, with the assistance of  Ms Roberta Gatt and Ms Elaine Azzopardi.