EKOSkola at St Vincent De Paul-2015

St Vincent De Paul

On the 19th of February, some eco-members came to St Vincent De Paul to take part in an audit. They were accommodated with a booklet to report about what they see in the place.

First, the children were split into groups. Some went to Ruzar Briffa. The children had noticed that the lights are not LEDs on energy savings of all rooms. The ward entrance is very welcoming and clean. The windows are kept clean but the curtains are always closed. In the dining area the people feed the elderly with healthy snacks but unfortunately they do not separate materials.

At the sleeping area, the room is crowded because five people stay in one room. The AC’s provide heat but they are not switched off when not needed. In every room, the elderly have a bathroom. The bathrooms are clean and have facilities for those in need. They do not use aerators, press taps or dual flushing so in this case they waste lots of water.

In every ward there is a garden. The gardens are open for fresh air but are not taken care of and are very abandoned. There are no separation bins in the garden so everything is thrown on the floor. In the garden they have a well but it is not well maintained so they do not know if rain water is used or not. The plants are watered with second class water (rain water).

The offices are quite small. The equipment they use is eco-friendly but there are no LED lights or energy-savings. The heaters are used when necessary but they do not have natural lights because they leave the curtains closed. The equipment is left on standby mode when is not used. Also they use paper from both sides.

The residents in St Vincent De Paul are very happy and the carers love them and help. At the end all the groups met in a hall to talk to say their suggestions and tried to give good reasons to make the place better. The people who made this audit a success liked the ideas and are going to try to use the suggestions. The children had lots of fun and learned a lot.

Written by Nicole Grxiti and Erica Grima.