EkoSkola Activities 2009-2010

A big thanks goes to the committee of 2009-2010 for their enthusiasm and initiatives in carrying out the projects. The work would not have been carried out without the support of all the staff and pupils.
In September 2010 the committee presented a Report giving evidence of the work carried out in the last two years and on November the 5th EkoSkola coordinators will be meeting the younger members of the committee and then we’ll be informed  of the results.
  • Educational Outings : Visit to Power Station at Delimara Senior 1 and 2, Visit to Manikata Farms by Grade 2, 3 and 4.
  • Exhibitions: in the school hall on Parents Day and Environmental Day, Animal Model Exhibition at St. James Cavalier.
  • Talks: by HSBC representatives regarding Climate Change, Talk about Marine Biology by Dr. Gambin. An informative talk by Lauren St. John a well known author, famous for her books about endangered animals.
  • Participation in Flick the Switch Week –where we switched off the school’ s electricity supply for an hour daily and members of the committee recorded the meter readings so as to note how much Kilowatts of electricity were saved. The readings were then presented on graphs by Senior 2 girls during their Maths lesson.
  • We participated in Flick the Switch Poster Competition (where we obtained 1st place in our category from Malta) as well as HSBC Eco Code PosterCompetition where we also obtained 1st place from our category).