Eko-Skola – Plant a Tree for Peace-2015

The girls from the primary section of the Eko-Skola committee attended the activity Plant a Tree for Peace, which was organised by LEAF in order to promote sustainability in such a difficult period.

This occurred on the 23rd of February 2015 at Xrobb l-Ghagin Park.  Students from different schools from the Maltese Islands were welcomed and invited to participate in several activities such as: nature-walks (where the species and the varied biodiversity was highlighted to the students), talks and games related to water conservation and trees’ adaptations to the Maltese Islands, and last but not least the sowing of seeds of some of the most famous and enduring trees such as the Holm Oak tree.

The seeds were taken home by the students as they promised to take good care of them and once the seeds will grow, each school would donate the trees to Buskett Nursery to be grown there as part of the Life Saving Buskett Project.

Tree4Peace2015-1 Tree4Peace2015-2 Tree4Peace2015-3 Tree4Peace2015-4 Tree4Peace2015-5