Eko Skola Annual Audit Results 2022

Over the past few weeks, the Eko Skola students conducted an audit among all the students about the use of school transport. Results were collected by the Senior 1 and 2 Eko Skola students and a report was compiled by the Eko Skola President, Faith Mizzi.

Results indicate that around 46% of the students use school transport to come to school while 36% use private transport. The remaining 18% come to school on foot or carpool. No students use public transport or cycle their way to school.

The Eko Skola committee encourages the use of school transport, public transport, car-pooling and walking as this would benefit the environment since it reduces the carbon dioxide in our air. Using less cars leads to less pollution.

Well done to the Eko Skola students for compiling the audit data. This exercise was conducted under the guidance of Ms. Madeleine Agius Carbonaro, one of the Eko Skola link teachers.