Eko Skola and LEAF Work – February 2021

The Eko Skola and LEAF committee have been working hard during the past weeks. Meetings have been held for different members of the committee. On Friday 5th February 2021, the school collected seeds and shrubs related to Xrobb l-Għaġin Boundary Wall project. During breaktime, Senior 1 and 2 students started preparing for the planting of the seeds and shrubs. The school will be using milk cartons as pots. In this way we would reuse items which would otherwise be thrown away. In the meantime, the students in all classes are working on the Eco Code competition. Special thanks goes to Ms Alexia Brincau, Assistant Head, and the educators who are members of the committee, namely Ms Madeleine Agius Carbonaro, Ms Lycia Bezzina and Ms Christine Mallia.