EDAAV Imagine Water – Senior 2 – April 2018

On the 13th of April, the Senior 2 students from Mater Boni Consilii, St. Joseph Paola, were present for the official launch of the EDAAV Imagine Water exhibition at St. James Cavalier in Valletta. This day marked the end of the 3-year project which the school, thanks to HSBC’s Catch the Drop Campaign, took part in. During these 3 years, the students had the opportunity to express their ideas, thoughts and feelings from their imagination to paper in each of the 5 annual workshops. Thanks to French artist Mr. Sebastien Cailleux and local artist Mr. Luca Cauchi, the girls got familiar with some of the art techniques and through paint and paper (which were donated to the school as part of the imitative of the project), they could materialize what was in their minds. All the work produced was put up in a national exhibition for the general public to see and it was purposely set up in the former cistern / reservoir of the building to link it with the water idea. As a concluding exercise after viewing and boasting off with their art-works, the students finally got to sign their last work of art and out of their signatures, formed very interesting water-related pictures as well.