Eat Responsibly Project – Organic Farming – Eko Skola

On the 12th of January 2018, the Leaf and the Eko Skola committee accompanied by link teachers Ms. Analise and Ms. Cristina went to Dun Manwel Attard School at Wardija to experience organic farming as part of the We Eat Responsibly Project.  Joe, the organic farmer that works at the school’s premises, explained and showed the students how to practice organic farming.  In the second part of the activity, the students were taken to the kitchen, where they had the opportunity to cook some grilled aubergines and made a carob cake; all the produce was in fact taken from the school’s organic farm.  After they tasted their cooking and other snack, all prepared naturally by the products from the premises, the students were taken to sow their own basil, promising they would take care of it at home.  It was a really positive experience and both committees really enjoyed it.