E-Sport Workshops – May 2024

On Tuesday 28th and Wednesday 29th May 2024, our Senior 1 and Senior 2 students participated in a very interesting workshop in relation to their E-Sport lessons during the scholastic year. The workshop was about media, mainly focusing on how to overcome the camera-shyness, some techniques that work well and some things to avoid too. In the second part of the workshop, the students were given each a video to edit on their assigned computers at the E-Sport Plaza Lounge, whilst in groups of 4, students did an interview about their hobbies. In this recorded interview, the girls had to apply the skills mentioned in the workshop that Ms Naomi Cutajar delivered. This helped them in developing communication skills which will help them in their future jobs. After finishing the interview, the students then had to edit their own interview snippet to enhance it and make it more appealing to an online audience. This initiative was coordinated by Ms Cristina Spiteri, the ICT teacher.