Digigirlz – Senior 2 – November 2018

On Tuesday the 6th of November 2018, the Senior 2 girls had the opportunity to participate in an ICT event which was hosted by Microsoft at Skyparks. The event was especially geared for girls, encouraging them to pursue more careers related to ICT. As an introduction to the sessions, Microsoft introduced the workshops organised for the day and gave the students instructions to follow the workshops. There were in fact 2 workshops: during the first workshop, the girls had to create a human website with the tabs and links and present it to the other groups. During the second workshop, the students were given some Lego blocks and were asked to create a duck. The students realised that every duck of every girl was different from the other’s because not every mind thinks the same. It was a very good exercise to make the students think critically and instil in them a sense of problem-solving. After these sessions, there was also a guest speaker who talked to the girls to encourage them in choosing a career in ICT.