Crowning of Our Lady 2017

Friday the 19th May 2017 was characterized by an annual recurring event which is very important for the entire school, the Crowning of Our Lady.    The Senior 2 students were directly involved in the event being their last year at Mater Boni Consilii before their transition to St. Joseph School at Blata l-Bajda.  Parents, relatives and friends, together with the students and teaching-staff gathered in the school yard for this celebration.  Alayah Hili (Senior 2) accompanied by Martina Demicoli Seychell (Grade 3) and Senior 2 girls crowned Our Lady with flowers.  The students made offerings of flowers, candles and foodstuffs.  Mass was preceded by a decade of the Rosary accompanied by hymns with the   participation of the school choir led by Ms. Esposito.   Holy Mass was celebrated by Fr. Mangani.