Courtesy Visit by Finnish Professor Kirsti Lonka

On Wednesday 20th November 2019, Finnish Professor Kirsti Lonka from the University of Helsinki in Finland visited our school and had the opportunity to meet the Senior Management Team, members of staff and students from various classes. Professor Lonka is a popular keynote speaker around the world and during this week she is visiting Malta after being invited by the Malta Union Of Teachers to be their main speaker during its centenary conference. She has published more than hundred refereed articles, conference papers and book chapters. Professor Lonka has also published plenty of text books and popular writings. The languages of her publications are Finnish, English, and Swedish (also translated in Estonian and Spanish). Her specialties are higher education, medical education, teacher education, and postgraduate education (PhD students).
In the area of academic writing, Professor Lonka’s work has focused around conceptions of writing, note taking, process writing, portfolios and writing across curriculum (writing as a learning tool). At the moment, she is working on innovations in higher education and engaging learning environments (ELE).