Cooking Session for Grade 3 Class – May 2023

On Tuesday 16th May 2023, the Grade 3 class had a cooking lesson. The session started with the girls learning about food handling hygiene; washing hands before food preparation, tying hair back and wearing an apron over the clothes. The children then learnt food safety in the kitchen, such as not leaving things lying about on the floor in a kitchen, how to handle a knife, and how to be safe around hot pots and pans. 


After washing their hands before handling food, the girls diced the vegetables, and other ingredients. They enjoyed preparing a healthy lunch for themselves and took some home with them. The girls were encouraged to try new ingredients. Finally, they learnt about the importance of keeping a kitchen clean after cooking. It was an enjoyable activity for all. The children will continue discussing the recipe in the coming Maths lessons about measurements, and in the writing activities, in both English and Maltese.  


The activity was coordinated by Ms Veronique Sultana, with the help of Ms Ritianne Brincat and Ms Raquel Zarb.