Class outing to Koperattiva Rurali Manikata – Grade 3 – March 2018

The Grade 3 class had a great time experiencing Maltese farm life first hand. They learnt about Maltese flora and fauna, especially interesting information about some popular Maltese flowers like the Lellux, Qarsu and Papoċċ.
The also learnt about deciduous and ever green trees and enjoyed seeing turtle doves in their natural habitat. They also had the opportunity to feed chickens, geese and sheep and made friends with the farm dog Bow, donkey George, horse Shakira and a family of sheep.
They also had a pleasant walk amongst typical Maltese fields, of onions, strawberries and beans.
Finally they had some time to eat some fresh Maltese bread with fresh tomato paste and some sweet strawberries.
The girls also planted a bean seed which then they got to take home. The girls enjoyed the outing and they also learnt a great deal.