Buskett Nature Reserve Fieldwork – Grade 2 – May 2018

On Tuesday 29th May 2018, the grade 2 class visited Buskett Nature reserve to follow an organised fieldwork activity. This was organised by Dinja Waħda. First we met Ms. Emily, a representative from Birdlife. Ms. Emily asked a few questions about the environment and the girls shared their ideas about nature and the environment and they all participated and showed a very good knowledge on the subject. She explained the first two activities which focused on observation through our senses mainly auditory, sight and touch. They listened to all the sounds they could hear, then they looked through the magnifying glass to observe bugs. Some girls went a little further and also held some bugs in their hands.
The last activity was based on teamwork and creativity. All the teams came up with very creative models made only from things they found on the ground such as leaves, sticks, stones etc… The girls named their art work as follows: The butterfly, The tree, Our little garden, The nest, Our nature carpet and The colourful garden.
It was a great outdoor learning experience for all!