Buskett Fieldwork – Senior 2 – March 2018

On the first day of spring on Wednesday the 21st of March 2018, the Senior 2s were taken on a field-trip to Buskett in relation to Science and Geography. At Buskett, the students where split into three groups where each group member had a specific role; each group was under the supervision of Ms. Marika, Ms. Bernardette and Ms. Cristina respectively. Each group had to perform certain tasks such as recording the temperature and plotting it on the graph, doing the silence exercise and recognize sources of pollution and conservation amongst others. One of the aims of this fieldwork was to identify areas in the pic-nic area where to put up the signs / billboards to raise awareness and inform the public how to take care of Buskett forest by not littering it. This project is funded as part of the Litter-Less Campaign which the participation of the LEAF and the Eko-Skola committees.