Borehole inauguration in collaboration with HSBC – October 2017

On Thursday 19th October 2017, an environmental project was inaugurated at Mater Boni Consilii St.  Joseph School Paola with the installation of a water borehole which will enable the collection of rainwater to go back into the water table to be used by the community.  This is the first project of its kind that has been undertaken at a church school and was made possible through the contacts made by Dr.  Kenneth Vella, headmaster and Mr. Glenn Bugeja on behalf of HSBC Bank in recent months.  The co-ordination of the project was entrusted to Engineer Marco Cremona from Sustech Consulting.  During his presentation Ing. Marco Cremona explained how a 2000 litre tank was installed to catch the rain water that poured down from the rooftops and the tent that covers the yard to feed back into the borehole which leads to the water table.

During the inauguration speech, Dr.  Kenneth Vella thanked HSBC Bank for their continuous support and maintained that this project complementing other projects that were undertaken in the school in recent years.  Namely the installation of a huge tent that shelters the whole school yard making it possible for the yard to be used in any kind of weather, the installation of fifty solar panels that have cut down the costs on energy consumption and making use of cleaner energy as well as the installation of an air cooling system in all the classes.  This last project will be finalised in January 2018 to make all the classes air conditioned.

The project was inaugurated by Ms. Marine Bazelaire, the Head of Corporate Sustainability of HSBC Bank.  A commemorative plaque was unveiled and blessed to mark this occasion.  In her speech Ms. Bazelaire told the students that they should be proud of themselves and their teachers and educators for embarking on such a project creating more awareness for water conservation and sustainability.  Earlier during the morning Ms. Bazelaire, Mr.  Glenn Bugeja and distinguished guests were invited to join the students who were participating in the Edaav Imagine Water workshop in coordination with Luca Cauchi and Sebastien Cailleux established artists.

The whole project was made possible with the active participation of the Eko Skola and LEAF committees as well as with the help of members of staff and maintenance.