Bakery Outing – Grade 2 – May 2019

On Thursday 16th May 2019, the grade 2 girls were on their way to the Baker when they met two nurses in an ambulance who stopped to speak to the girls about their job. They also encouraged the girls to become nurses and doctors. The girls were also invited to have a look inside the ambulance and ask questions to the nurses. Before leaving, the paramedics, explained to the girls about the different sirens and also switched them on for the girls to hear and distinguish between the sounds.   

At the Bakery, the girls observed how dough is made and also had a go at forming the bun, ‘panina’. Whilst waiting for the bread to cook in the oven, the girls had some time to ask questions to the baker. Back at school the girls then prepared their own ħobż biz-żejt with the bread they themselves helped to make and bake at the bakery.