Animal Awareness Day – October 2017

On Tuesday 17th of October 2017 St.  Joseph School Paolas celebrated Animal Awareness Day to instill in the students more love and respect towards our fellow creatures.  Students’ pets were blessed by Fr. Dominic Mangani during the ceremony.  Parents, guardians and relatives were also present. Every year students bring some pet food to be given as a donation to a pet-organization and this year cat / dog food were donated to various sanctuaries.  A representative from the Malta All Breed Rabbit Club in coordination with Ms.  Janice Darmamnin also participated in animal awareness day. During the presentation to the students, teachers and parents alike the importance to cherish one’ own pet and to also raise more awareness about what difficulties they face every day and how to take good care of them.  Details how to look after pet rabbits was given special focus.

One of the aims behind this activity was to create awareness amongst our students and their families to act more responsibly when acquiring and caring for their pets.