Animal Awareness Day 2018

On Wednesday 17th of October 2018 Mater Boni Consilii St.  Joseph School Paola celebrated Animal Awareness Day.  Hundreds of parents and guardians joined the students and the staff for this annual celebration, bringing with them various pets.    In his message to the parents and students, the Head of School Dr. Kenneth Vella told the girls how important it is to show more love and respect towards our fellow creatures.

Fr. Dominic Mangani, the school chaplain also explained how important it is to appreciate pets and animals during the ceremony.  Fr. Mangani also blessed the pets that were brought for the celebration.   Ms. Yvette Psaila a volunteer, from the RMJ horse rescue, joined the staff and students for the celebration, bringing with her Chukka, a rescue horse who has been in the care of RMJ for over four years. Special thanks goes to Ms. Korin Farrugia who also helped to make this possible.  During the presentation to the parents, students and staff Ms Yvette spoke about the difficulties and challenges that the volunteers face to look after the rescue horses. As is customary the students also brought monetary donations which will later be presented to RMJ horse rescue.  Special thanks goes also to Ms. Katia Camilleri, member of staff who also presented some products – Aloe Veterinary Formula produced by Forever Living Products.

One of the aims behind this activity was to create awareness amongst our students and their families to act more responsibly when acquiring and caring for their pets.