Achievement Celebration Day – October 2022

On Friday 21st October 2022, our school celebrated Achievement Celebration Day, whereby values and achievements of the past scholastic year were celebrated. Sr Eugene Ghirlando, a sister within the community of St Joseph of the Apparition, was invited for this celebration. The activity started with a speech by Dr Kenneth Vella, Head of School. He stressed on the importance of upholding values in our lives. Certificates to students who showed outstanding values were given out by Sr Ghirlando. Prizes were also distributed to students for academic achievement during the last scholastic year. During the celebration, different students played pieces of music on the piano, oboe and violin. The students were mentored by Ms Mary Grace Grech, the Music teacher. The activity was concluded with an address by Sr Ghirlando. She congratulated all the girls for their participation in the celebration and reminded them to keep God in the centre of their lives and be grateful to Him. The school thanks Sr Ghirlando for accepting our invite to attend the activity. Well done to all the students who participated in this celebration. Special thanks to Ms Alexia Brincau and Ms Ruth Mansueto, Assistant Heads, who coordinated the activity, together with Ms Giselle Gatt, Ms Mariella Pule and Mr Julian Busuttil.