French treasure hunt at Mdina – April 2018

On Tuesday 10th April 2018, the Senior 2 students of French went to Mdina to participate in a treasure hunt, together with their teacher Ms Elisa, and accompanied by Sister Kaplna. This was part of a FrancofĂȘte competition. The pupils were given clues in French and they were bound to go round the silent city so as to answer to the questions that were written on the given handouts. The activity was 50 minutes long and once the time was over, they returned to the starting point, together with the adults who were accompanying them. The day was concluded at St Nicholas College Rabat – the Middle School – where various speeches took place and, later on, certificates of participation and other small gifts were given to each participating school. Finally, the winners were announced and they were given more significant gifts of course. Although the St Joseph Paola girls did not classify among the first six winning schools from a lot of schools who were there with them, they did enjoy themselves just the same since it was just worthwhile to participate.