Waste Reduction Week – November 2017

During this year Waste Reduction Week, our school decided to create more awareness on food wastage.  Teachers in their respective lessons helped the students to realize that food should not be wasted and with the leftover food from dinners, they could prepare delicious and innovative school-lunches.   During the 20th till 24th, the students were encouraged to bring with them lunches which were prepared from leftover food – during break, the Eko Skola committee were taking photos of the girls that brought their lunch which was made from left-over food and were asking them how it was prepared.


Left Over Lunch Recipes

These are some of the girls that brought a leftover lunch during Waste Reduction Week:

Ilona Cauchi – Mushroom Omelet – You will need: mushrooms, eggs and cheese

Mariah Cassar – You will need: meat and cheese

Amber Curmi – Rice salad – You will need: sweet corn, coloured pepper, rice and chicken

Michaela Schembri – Pudina – You will need: dry bread, sesame seeds and fruit raisins

Sharmell Psaila – Chicken wrap – You will need: chicken, tomatoes and cheese.

Shania Micallef – Lasagna – You will need: pasta, tomato paste and cheese.

Chelsea Delia – Paella – You will need: peas, muscles, rice, fish, onions and red pepper.

Elisa Catania – Bread with Omelet – You will need: eggs, bread, butter and ketchup.

Maria-Elena Camillieri – Bread Roll with butter and meat.

Michaela Aquilina – Chicken wrap – You will need: chicken, cheese and a wrap.